Why is the time/date wrong on my vivofit?

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     Is the time/date wrong on your Garmin Vivofit?          time       

If your Vivofit device is displaying a wrong date/time on it’s screen, then you simply need to do the following instructions to fix it.  First it is very important to know that when pairing your vivofit to your computer or compatible mobile device, the Vivofit device will use the time and date from your syncing source and automatically it’s the date that will display on the Vivofit. However, if your computer’s time and date are not accurate, or are set to a “different time zone” than your current location, as a result you then may see an incorrect time or date on the watch. If the time & date are accurate on the device you are using to sync, then I suggest to delete the app and down load it again. That way your new Garmin Connect app will be updated.

Instructions to correct time and date with your computer:

1- Ensure computer’s time and date are accurate for your region

2- Ensure Garmin Express is up to date

3- Hold device key until SYNC appears.

Instructions to correct time and date with your mobile device:

1.Ensure mobile device’s time and date are accurate for you region

2.Ensure Garmin Connect Mobile is up to date

3.Hold device key until SYNC appears

Final step:

Your vivofit device should now display the proper time and date. 

Do you have a better solution to fix the Time/Date on the Vivofit?

Please help other by sharing it with this Vivofit Community 


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  1. I JUST FIXED THE TIME CHANGE USSUE!!! Bottom line: use “pair” instead of “sync” when daylight savings time happens. To do this, press and hold until “pair” appears. It will reset to the correct time and will not reset anything else. Yay

  2. I’m setting up a vivofit for my aunt and the date is still set to 1/1 and the time is incorrect. Mine set up correctly.
    the computer date/time and timezone are absolutely correct.
    I tried using “pair” instead of “sync” and it paired, but the date/time are still wrong… any ideas?

  3. have tried sync and pair and it still won’t change to current time. might as well wait till sun. now and try again.

  4. Can’t set my vivofit to change to daylight saving time – tried both the sync and pair.

  5. I have been having the same problem on my vivofit re: date and time. I have been using it for a year and the batt run out. I replaced the batt and since then, I haven’t been able to get the date and time to display on my vivofit. I have tried using both ‘sync’ and ‘pair’. I even did a hard reset but still doesn’t work. HELP!

  6. I can’t mine to display the correct time either!! Tried everything. What a pain to have to calculate the correct time when I look at my wrist. BAH!!

  7. Try below steps which work for me.

    1. Disable sync for Automatic Date and Time on the mobile phone

    2. Disable sync for Automatic Time Zone on the mobile phone

    3. Set the phone time to the exact time desired. (My Vivofit was always 7 mins behind)

    4. Sync Vivofit to phone

    Once Vivofit is showing correct time, you can enable the sync back for the automatic date/time and time zone on your phone.

    Good luck!

  8. My vivofit fit 2 does not syncontain the correct time. I’ve tried it with my phone and computer. I’ve also tried to pair it instead of syncing it. Doesn’t matter how it do it, it doesn’t change to the correct time on my computer or phone.

  9. My vivofit2 went ahead an hour then lost 2 hours so it’s an hour behind. I’ve tried syncing with my phone at least 15 times. I didn’t have my phone on automatic time zone at first then changed it to auto. Nothing has worked. I’ve had my vivofit2 since July 2015 and changed the batteries in May or June of 2016. This problem started on October 17th.

  10. I have also been having problems with the time on my Vivofit 2. Started on the 23 October. I have tried syncing it, pairing it, rebooting the tablet… nothing. Now its an hour behind and a few minutes later its an hour ahead. Its also not pulling all my fitness data across when I sync. Very frustrating.
    I’m going to try removing the Connect software and reinstalling it to see if that helps.

  11. Had the same trouble with the Time due to DST. I turned off Blue tooth on my phone; put the Garmin in sync mode. A message popped up asking for permission to access. Chose “yes” (or “allow”) and it worked.

  12. I followed Kristin’s advice…turned off my Bluetooth, hit Sync on my Vivofit & turned Bluetooth back on. The time was corrected. Thanks Kristin!!!

  13. Thanks Brenda. You rock! I followed your advice because “Sync” didn’t do anything. I tried “Pair” and it fixed the time right away. Thank you so much.

  14. I’ve tried the recommendations here to correct the date/time issue on my Vivofit (several times each), but nothing has worked so far. Problems started with the time freezing on Saturday. I re-synced it to my smartphone (an LG device) and the time updated. Time froze on Sunday, so I tried again, but this time when it completed the sync it displayed the time as ” : 0″ and the date as “0-0″. It is still tracking my steps (though it no longer displays red bar for inactivity over a set period of time and doesn’t reset at midnight as it doesn’t know when midnight hits), but is displaying the calories as “0″ also.

    I’ve have tried re-syncing, turned bluetooth off and on, turned the phone itself off and on, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and then re-paired and re-synched, removed the batteries and put them back in – nothing.

    Any other suggestions I could try? It’s an original Vivofit, mobile device an LG Stylo 3. Got the vivofit in December of ’14, replaced the batteries for the first time about two months ago. New phone as of last month but was able to pair it and sync it initially with no issues, though these time/date problems started up soon after.

  15. I just purchase my vivosmart 3 and I cannot make it work
    It is not in English
    The time is not correct
    I do not see a date anywhere
    This is just too difficult – may take it back
    Using my computer to set it up – no cell phone

  16. FOUR hours trying to work out how to make vivofit clock display 24 hour format .. I have made no progress .. deeply frustrating .. even the cheapest digital alarm clock for a few euros will do this simply .. please help .. it is not asking a lot .. otherwise it is going in the bin .. and I shall tell anybody I see to keep away from vivofit .. And yes, I cannot find settings anywhere on the vivofit or my mobile Ap ..

  17. I no longer can see the date function on my vivofit2, it was working until a few days ago. All other functions display properly. Replacer batteries, paired , synced ……noting is fixing the problem. tried settings too. HELP…………

  18. My vivofit 2 stopped showing the date a few days ago, too. I noticed it missing on April 20, 2018. I asked some other users if their vivofit2 shows the date and it does. It is also not on the “visible screen” list in the app. I emailed Garmin but they are not available on weekends.

  19. My date is missing from the watch and from the possible selection in the app device settings >> Visible Screens.

  20. I cannot reset the date, my Vivofit reads that it is Tuesday June 19 (it is actually Friday June 22). About once a day, the watch restarts, and each time the date appears to regress by one day (the time also seems to reset randomly). I have tried syncing Using Garmin Express, to no effect whatsoever.

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