What does the red bar on my vivofit mean?

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  What does the red bar on my vivofit mean?

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Vivofit has a “red bar” that is also known as the “move bar”. This red bar is a motivational way Vivofit uses to tell you that it is time to move. The first red bar will appear on your Vivofit after approximately one hour of inactivity. It is very important to mention that this move bar builds in length the longer you are inactive. Each additional bar equals 15 minutes of inactivity.

        Let’s break this down.

The first red bar will appear on your vivofit after one hour. If you stay inactive for a long period of time, then your vivofit will show a full inactivity meter. Also, the longer you stay inactive, the longer it will take to your Vivofit to reverse or clear the red bar from the screen. For example, I was working yesterday on my office. I thought I was being active. No way Jose! I didn’t notice the long red bar that was on my Vivofit screen. Long story short: it literately took me over 500 steps for it to remove from the scree

                                  Wrapping it up

 The red bar on your vivofit is a “smart” motivational way this fitness band has to tell you that you need to get up and walk for a little. A full inactivity meter on your Vivofit can take up to 200 steps to reset completely; obviously it could take more steps to reset, depending on how long you were inactive. Does it make sense?



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  1. My vivofit 3 has a red bar across the top and blank screen, anyone know what it means. It is not the get moving bar….I changed the batteries which had no affect

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