Vivofit Syncing Issues

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Vivofit Syncing Issues

My Vivofit Stopped Syncing with both my Computer and my phone. What should I do?

The syncing issues that you are having “might” be the result of having multiple applications running simultaneously. For example, if you try to connect trough your computer and you are running the same Garmin Express application on your phone, it could interfere confusing your Vivofit device from connecting. Try doing the following: If you want to connect through your computer, make sure the Airplane mode in your phone is off. That way the settings or cellular connections such as Wi-Fi, FM radio, and Bluetooth applications will be off and won’t hold up your Vivofit from connecting. If nothing of the above makes your vivofit to sync, simply delete and reinstall the Garmin Express application and it should solve the syncing issues with your Vivofit.

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  1. I can’t get my vivofit to sync with my Samsung galaxy s4 connect app. It was doing fine till hours ago it says it’s connected then says it’s syncing and give me an error message in red saying could not sync try again …. this is very frustrating pls help!

  2. Having exactly the same problem. Just today 5 Jan 2015. I did call garmin and they made out that it was a software issue that should be sorted in 3 hours, that was 5 hours ago, and still the same problem. Vivofit connects it says it is syncing but after 2 mind I get a red sync error. It worked fine for 8 days. If any one can help I would hate to loose the data stored and have to reload the app (I have a note 3). Cheers James

  3. Got my vivofit xmas day, has synced normally everyday till yesterday morning 5th january 2014. Says vivofit connected, then waits for up to one minute then displays a red ERROR message. Someone please tell me how to fix it or whats going on with it cheers

  4. i have the same problem it started 4th January 11pm when I tried to sync the vi oft to my phone this is very annoying

  5. Same problem here. Got the Vivofit for Christmas, installed software, paired, and synced easily, but starting yesterday, Jan 4th, no sync. Reloaded program, tried to repair, verified all other Bluetooth devices off…..still no good. Was on Garmin’s help line for 15′ with no response other than the automated messages. Not good!! Please help !!!

  6. I have the same problem as everyone here. Was syncing fine until last night 4/1/2015 and tonight I have tried to sync… But with no joy. Have deleted and restalled the app, turned off and on my phone, repair my Vivofit with the app which wasn’t successful at all. Now the app would not link with My Fittest Pal either. Have read a lot of similar/ same comments. Please please I/we need some supports and answer from Garmin!!

  7. Sync problems…urgh!!! Have used for 7 months and every so often this happens for no good reason. It’s always a garmin server issue. Terrible performance.

  8. To Garmin:
    You can provide all sorts of notifications to the device, and or emails accounts, why can you not issue a notification regarding the issue with your servers to all users? This would prevent an outbreak of comments on forums such as this.

  9. Same issues as above. Last sync that worked was on 5th Jan. So frustrating trying to problem solve. Seems the problem is bigger than anything I can do to fix it. Garmin, get your act together or you will have lots of store returns post Christmas!

  10. Having the same problem as everyone else. Worked fine Jan 5th and the morning of the 6th. Can’t sync at all this evening..hoping they get it worked out.

  11. My vivofit quit syncing on January 5, 2015 as well. Got my watch for christmas and was enjoying it. Now I am just frustrated. Won’t sync with my macbook pro, tried to download the app on my iPhone and use it that way, but the pairing won’t work…it says I have another fitness band…which I don’t…I hate technology!

  12. Same syncing problems started today (1-5-2015)…”problem communicating with the Garmin server…try again later”…We want the uploaded steps, calories, etc today…not days later…got this at Christmas, and thinking of returning unless I get an answer/fix soon. Sent a support question/message to Garmin that says someone will contact me within 3 days….we’ll see…

  13. What a disappointment! I’m sure all of these bad reviews are not good for business. I know of someone who has already returned theirs for a different brand due to these issues. How can we move forward and be encouraged when we waste so much time on faulty technology? Not good at all. Stop selling and promoting products until you have it fixed!

  14. Have not been able to SYNC for 3 days. Getting the same server error each day. Will not work on my PC or iphone. What is wrong?

  15. im having the same problems as everyone above. Thought it was me. Glad to see its a garmin problem..

  16. I had the same problem as all of you. On my phone, I uninstalled/reinstalled the software. After that, I paired it. It took a few tries, but it finally paired. Then, I was able to sync it with my computer.
    I recommend that you sync with your phone and computer, if possible, so you have a backup.

  17. Getting cannot connect to Garmin Server message for four days. Very disappointed as this was bought for my partner who had a stoke, to check his walking progress and motivate him. Also a problem with it having 2 – 3 miles on it already when turning off the sleep button!

  18. Still having the issue this morning! Please fix the sync issues!
    This looked like a very cool product and would be sad if I had to return it.

  19. I’m synching now, but the while the daily number works, it shows nothing for the week or the month (for the last couple of days). Have had this before where the data doesn’t transfer over to weekly or monthly totals. Advice?

  20. It seems to be working this morning and I have synced it 6 times. It appears they rebooted the servers.

  21. Just got my Vivofit last night & in trying to pair with my Samsung Galaxy 4 as soon as I hit “next” to pair it says an error has occured. Made sure there were no other Bluetooth devices around. Grrr…

  22. I finally got mine to sync late last night and it worked this morning my problem now is the daily totals don’t show up in the weekly totals

  23. My syncing seems to be fine on the daily totals, but the weekly summary doesn’t read any values at all. I am only using the computer app, no mobile app, so that shouldn’t be an issue. It just started a few days ago, what’s going on?

  24. When I try to Sync it gets about 1/3 of the way and stops. If I quit and start it again I get 1 more upload to be done than before. It happens every time. I am now up to 41 uploads to be done. It still stops at about the same point i.e. 1/3 the way thru the uploads. I have installed Garmin Express so may time now I think it is tarting to do it on its own without request!!

  25. Was unable to sync Jan 5th until am on Jan 8th and it went thru. Since that one time sync on the 8th, unable to sync at all…not even getting the error message now. Status update on the Dashboard from Garmin says all should be up and running. Now what do I do ??

  26. I hadn’t been able to update/sync for the last 5 days (starting to stress) but after reading here just turned my bluetooth off and on and magically away it went. All dates and steps in there. Relief! Hope this works for you!

  27. So frustrated! Vivofit is connected to my Galaxy 4, but can’t sync. Had the same troubles in early Jan, which were resolved, but now it’s acting squirrelly again. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, forgetting/pairing the device in my Bluetooth menu, app has permission to get notifications from my device – I don’t know what else to try!

  28. Trouble syncing. Tried uninstalling app and repairing and now the app won’t re-pair with device. Finally turned phone into airplane mode and was able to sync via ANT on my mac, although the sync data are not current. Wanted to sync before exercising and now I’ve spent almost an hour just trying to sync….it will be very ironic when that red bar shows up!

  29. Have been unable to sync my VivoFit (which I’ve had for 9 months) since December 23rd. Not via ANT+ on Mac, not via the iOS app which both worked previously. I reached out to support but have only 1 response in a week where the suggested rebooting my computer. I have updated Garmin Express (now 3.2.28) to no avail. Hey Garmin, how about an update?

  30. I am SO disappointed with the VivoFit software. I had a CHEAP and I mean CHEAP tracker before my husband bought this tracker. I had NO issues syncing the device to ANY of my devices (computer, cellphone, tablet). I’d say 90% of the time this tracker DOES NOT SYNC. And, I tried to My Fitness Pal – like always the software just “sits” an and it not sync or connect. I am horribly disappointed, and I wish my hubby had wanted and had gotten a FitBit.

  31. Hi,
    My vivofit synced fine until Sunday 18 Jan. Then I went away on a hiking trip for 10 days (no pc or phone). Since then, every time I try to sync it tells me it has to sync xx items (now the number is 25 – yesterday it was 24).
    I start the sync and the garmin app tells me it starts transferring and it will take 3 hours !!!.
    After approx. 5 min the Vivofit goes out of sync mode into standard mode and the sync on the Garmin application on my PC seems to be frozen. When I want to stop it or check if it is still doing something I get the offer to cancle the sync – which may cause problems (the message tells me) or continue. If I continue – nothing happens, if I press the button on the vivofit again to continue the sync nothing happens and the vivo fit goes back into standard mode within maybe 20 seconds.
    I have the Garmin app installed only on the PC. The vivofit is lying next to the usb dongle (nearly touching it).
    What can I do?

  32. similar sync issues on my Sony XpeSony Android device. Finally figured out that with app installed, wifi and Bluetooth no longer play nice with each other. Need to turn off Wi-Fi before turning on Bluetooth in order to have Bluetooth actually sync. Unfortunately, if I leave Bluetooth on, and turn Wi-Fi back on, Wi-Fi does not actually re-engage. Instead, until I turn off Bluetooth, turn off Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi back on, my xperia uses my data plan. Ouch. Expensive… This is a persistent issue, despite multiple uninstall/reinstalls. I have now permanently uninstalled the Vivofit app and phone works normally again. Sloppy code in this app, shame on you Garmin!

  33. does Garmin not read these comments!!!! Got mine @ Costco…at least I know they will take it back and refund no questions asked!

  34. My original vivofit died after 10 months so Garmin sent me a refurbished one and it won’t sync. It’s stuck on pair. I already told them, they lost my business. I love my Garmin 610 watch, but the vivofit is crap. I’m going with a FitBit HR Charge for my activity band. Nothing I’ve tried will get the stupid thing to work. Garmin–class action lawsuit???

  35. I have had less than two weeks worked fine until yesterday, now the unit just refuses to sync with IP6 without any error message or anything. I can get any other device to sync except the vivofit. Wish I had read the comments before buying!

  36. Has been working fine until today, syncs with myfitnesspal app but not with the Garmem app on my Samsung s5

  37. Same as everyone else. Got 2 ‘free’ for upgrading my BUPA health insurance. Would have been better off with the free movie tickets!

  38. Count me in as well. I have had trouble syncing off and on for a while. It worked fine the first 2 months, then I would have to sync 2-3 times before it would finally work. Now for the last several days it won’t sync at all. The ANT stick is in my laptop and recognized but it never detects the device. Considering this device a frustration and a FAIL.

  39. My problem is a BIT different – it’ DOES sync to the Ant+ dongle on the computer, but won’t touch the bluetooth on my iPhone5 – I confirmed the bluetooth works on my phone with a Bluetooth headset working fine.
    I notice the bluetooth icon not even light up (as it should) on the phone – indicating its not even making the connection – so I feel it’s likely NOT a problem with the app but with the phones recognizing of the low-power Bluetooth protocol request from the VivoFit.

  40. I am trying to sync my Vivofit to the mobile app on my iPhone 5, but it doesn’t work. I have Bluetooth on, the Garmin Connect app open and then I press and hold the button on the Vivofit until it says Sync. The icon on the watch blinks for a few seconds, then it goes back to the main screen. I refresh the Garmin Connect app and my totals are not in the app. It still says zero. Is anyone else having this problem or have a solution? Thanks!

  41. Hello Kevin,
    Sorry to hear about this issue. Have you tried to shut off all other Bluetooth devices within range before syncing through the phone? If so, then try to do the same on your laptop, ipad, and pc. We hope this can help. Please let us know how does it go!

  42. Hi Luis – I am getting Server Error this morning when syncing my Vivovit with the app on my iPhone 5. Think this could be related to the daylight saving change overnight in NZ. Probably not a coincidence that Kevin has just had a similar issue.

  43. I am having the issue that it will connect to my Samsung Galaxy s5 but comes up with the red “unable to sync please yet again later”??? I am in south Australia abs alai have daylight savings end

  44. I am not able to sync on either my iphone 4s or my computer. Just get error that sorry was unable to sync device.

  45. I am unable to sync on either phone iphone 4s or computer. Just keep getting error “sorry unable to sync device”

  46. Same deal here…. It acts like it is syncing, but the “success” message never appears. No data comes up, and Garmin Express only shows my last sync from April 1st — despite multiple attempts this morning (April 8th). REALLY FRUSTRATING!!! This is the 4th or 5th time this has happened since I purchased it last November, and I have lost many days worth of valuable data in the process. It appears to coincide with the same dates that others have had issues, leading me to believe that there is something going on at Garmin, not locally between the wristband and the computer. GRRRRRRRRRRRR……… I am appalled that Garmin has no answers. I really expected better of them.

  47. Have not been able to sign into connect for days. Keeps saying a problem occurred while signing in. Anyone els

  48. Is the server down again? I have been trying to sync my vívofit for the last two hours.
    My wife has a Fitbit and rarely has syncing issues.

  49. Trying to sync my vivofit to computer – receiving message that sync is successful – but data is not uploaded. Frustrating ! Anyone else having problems today ?

  50. Have only had my Vivofit for three days and already getting message “sync failed server error” on my Ipad. I’m wondering if I made a mistake buying it.

  51. Do they ever answer us? I have not been able to sync since early Tuesday morning. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, pairing, and removing the ANT and reinserting. No luck. My computer tells me it finds the ANT but can’t find the device. This frustrating!

  52. I also haven’t been able to sync since Tuesday, April 21. After many tries this morning, I did receive the messages “24 items to sync” which are “waiting to upload,” “waiting to transfer,” and even (yea!) “transferring …” but after 30 minutes no further progress. For what it’s worth, no problem syncing my old Garmin 110 GPS.

  53. Does anyone from Garmin actually look at this thread? it seems that there are a lot of us experiencing the same pain with sync’ing and no one seems to come up with an answer, my issue is sync via bluetooth and PC, neither of them work, PC doesn’t recognise the ANT stick, and phone says it can’t ‘see’ vivifit … what an utter waste of money … garmin, answers please

  54. I haven’t been able to sync since April 15th. Tried uninstalling and re-installing and I can’t get it to connect and pair so I can even try to sync.

  55. I use the USB stick to sync and did so on April 25th and when I went to sync on April 29th, there was no data for April 26th to April 28th, and have been wearing the Vivo fatefully. Called the help number and was given instructions to send Log Notes and was provided with a code. That was a week ago, no answer to date.

  56. I have had my Vivofit 2 for two months. I have had growing and more frequent issues syncing with my computer. I have been through all of the processes that Garmin instructs me to. At this time, my only choices to sync are 1/ Uninstall and reinstall my Vivofit2 through Garmin Express – it then syncs or 2/Use my android tablet to sync – that works but is a real inconvenience to me as I usually only use the tablet when I am travelling. I am very, very frustrated.

  57. My wifes Vivofit2 has not synced for almost 100 hours now and she’s really frustrated by it and I really don’t know what to to to help. Sync has been unstable at best since she got it.

    Garmin I really hope fixing this is your top priority at the momenet or you’re in deep trouble in the longer run.

  58. I have tried everything. My Vivofit originally PAIRED with Garmin Express after several attempts but I was completely unable to get it to ever SYNC with Garmin Connect. I deleted it from Garmin Express and reinstalled Garmin Express (four different times) and I still can not get it to PAIR again. Now when I run Garmin Express the only screen I get is the Add a Device screen but it will NOT allow me to add the Vivofit. It says it finds the ANT but does not find a device. Have tried shutting down computer, etc. I am contemplating returning it to the store due to these problems, which apparently are not unusual. I like the Garmin better than the Fitbit but I am thinking of exchanging it. Also not happy that I have to wait three days to call Customer Support due to Memorial Day weekend (support should be 24/7). Yes, I have read the manual, googled, etc. to try to fix this problem that should not be a problem in the first place. It looks like even if the problem gets resolved it may not stay resolved. Dang–I like the user interface on this little device, but I need something that is not so frustrating.

  59. I haven’t been able to sync since May 25th. Very frustrating. Thinking that this purchase was a huge mistake. My husband bought this for me for Christmas. Can i return it?

  60. I am having the same sync issue. Last sync was April 11th. Both phone app and Garmin express app says it connects then 5 seconds later sync complete with no data transferred.

    Now a month plus later still not resolved. Yet my wife’s exact same device works/syncs fine…

  61. Havent been able to sync since May 18. Really lousy. Tried to delete and pair again. It pairs nicely, but when I press sync absolutely nothing happens.

  62. Just bought 2 vivofit units and mine works fine, syncs with my iPhone and my ANT+. My wife’s unit syncs with ANT+ but will not work with her LG Optimus Android phone ! Searching the net and no obvious help from Garmin.

  63. very, very disappointed
    want my money back
    can not sync with iPhone 6 at all

    anyone offer any solution

    what a piece of crap

  64. I bought the Garmin because fitbit couldn’t keep water out. Garmin keeps water out, but it wont sync with any android phone I have.
    That makes it worthless to me as i don’t plan on carrying a computer around with me to check my stats. What a waste!

  65. I bought the vivofit2 about 7 days ago I think, it has been working well, but now it will not sync to my samsung s5. it keeps saying sync failed download error check back later. I uninstalled garmin connect and reinstalled it and it still isnt working. I powered my phone down and restarted and it still wont work. if i can’t get anyone from Garmin to help this is going back to bestbuy this afternoon

  66. When I sync, it states that the sync was successful but it will take time to process the data and the data never comes over

  67. I go a vivofit for fathers day and I have not been able to sync it all, it’s been stuck on pair the whole time

  68. I have had the same sync problems since dash change. Plus all previous data lost. So not much use at the moment. I thought it was due to iPhone upgrade. Bluetooth is on. Preferred old dash layout.

  69. The last time my vivofit synced was June 21. I keep trying and I am having no luck! This is a huge problem since I use my vivofit for step tracking for work for medical insurance. help

  70. I’ve had my Vivofit for about 2 weeks and at first had no issues with syncing, then 2 nights ago I had to try a few times before it worked. Tonight I have tried about 5 times and absolutely nothing is happening. I was already unhappy with this product as I would continually get inactivity warnings despite having been moving around (one time I was unloading a pallet of boxes and had been doing so for 45mins before the warning). I’m regretting this purchase.

  71. Maybe this is part of your problems. Found it on FAQs on Garmins website:

    The Garmin Communicator Plugin is no longer compatible with Google Chrome. The Communicator Plugin uses the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) architecture which is no longer supported by Chrome. As of Chrome 42, NPAPI support has been disabled by default and these types of plugins will no longer be detected.

    In order for the Garmin Communicator Plugin to work properly, a compatible browser must be used. For a list of compatible browsers, visit the Garmin Communicator Plugin download page for your operating system:

  72. I updated the Garmin software and the Vivofit2 and like everyone else – it no longer syncs with my mac.

    Biggest waste of money. worked for only 3 weeks.

  73. UGHHH–my Vivofit will not sync to my iphone. This is only 6 weeks old and I have really liked it til this point. But, I dont like the fact that I cannot sync when I need to. I purchased this for health reasons. Too lose the 60 lbs I needed to and to be able to show my Doctors my activity on a monthly basis. Not happy at all with this product at this point.

  74. Had same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S5 – unable to sync for days. Turned off wi-fi and bluetooth, restarted the phone and turned bluetooth back on. Finally got it to sync.

  75. just got mine last night and still can not get past the set up it will not go any farther than my profile. Taking it back tomorrow. Sad that they have not done anything to fix this

  76. I have had my vivofit for about 3 weeks and it’s been great until last few days when it was hit and miss when it would sync. Now it won’t sync at all. I’ve restarted my phone several times and turned wifi and blue tooth on and off but no joy. Any ideas?

  77. just returned from epic 14 day canoe trip – need to sync, and like the rest of you, it just wont work to my W7 PC. In the past, Garmin tech support told me to run Garmin Express, have it open, and THEn sync – that is not working either. since the device only holds 21 days of data, I sure hope they get it fixed FAST. What a disappointment – these sorts of issues have occurred intermittently ever since I bought it a year ago. Get your act together, Garmin. And plz email me when its fixed.

  78. Cannot sync my vivofit too. I haven’t synched for 6 days and now just nothing. No error no device disconnection. Just nothing. I guess server is down again. It is very frustrating but this is only the second this happens to me in 6 months use. I hope this is fixed soon

  79. Have not been able to sync since 8/5/15. This is very frustrating! My husband gave this vivofit to me as a birthday gift in June 2015. We never could get it to sync with my phone-Samsung Galaxy S3. Please fix this problem NOW or replace it with one that works.

  80. Also have not been able to sync since 8/5/15 – vivofit2 to Galaxy S3. I have been able to reset the application data and re-pair to my phone, but after the first re-pair, I am unable to sync again. My Galaxy software is up to date. What changed on the Connect application? I have been syncing successfully since May 18, 2015 until now.

  81. Same issue as the last two. I bought this in June ’15. Worked great for a month and then stopped syncing. Phone does not show it paired. Tried to re-pair. Worked for a minute and then was gone after phone was reset. Connect software issue? Possible interference with Bluetooth signal?

  82. same here to all the above. Been working fine until beginning of August. Now my viva fit will not sync full stop. Tries all sorts to fix this. Deleted app from phone, reinstalled and paired ok but still no sync. Looked into Bluetooth connection the works. Absolute rubbish, fed up with it all may as well bin it.

  83. The last time I synced was 8/4/15.It will not sync after trying countless times to my iPhone. I got this vivofit2 about a month ago ~7/10/15. I was saddened to see all the complaints. Phone does not show it is pairing. seems they have had this issue for along time. Not Good to spend the money and in a months time it fails to sync.

  84. cant connect my vivofit to my Samsung s4 mini was connecting now not been able to sync for last 5 days gutted me an my hubby both got them an both having trouble disappointed x

  85. I have the same problem as everyone above. Pairing my vivofit2 with Galaxy s4. This is very frustrating not seeing any response from Garmin. Except with a difficult time with the Garmin help desk, I really like the Vivofit 2 until my Connect app updated. It takes multiple times to connect and sync and tonight it stopped connecting completely. Very disapointed.

  86. Since purchase I have had Sync issues… intermittent… random… failed half attempts… It has gradually gotten worse and worse in the few weeks I have had it… to a point now where it has frozen… I tried to ‘re-pair’ it to no avail… Still sitting here looking at the box and it’s already junk… so sad… Glad I can reply on my Suunto Ambit Peak as a backup.

    Really great idea… really disappointed…

  87. My vivofit never had a problem syncing but now will not sync at all Garmins answer uninstall Garmin connect & reinstall it. It then repairs but wont sync again! Have to do this everytime!!! wont recommend getting 1 of these unless they fix the glitch. Ps it wont sync to iphone or Samsung galaxy

  88. Same thing today. I went to resync and it now says the device is uninstalled. It was fine before…I noticed syncing problems a while ago where it would fail a few times before working. I update the app and now it can’t recognize my device or even pair it…something is wrong here and it is Garmin who needs to fix it. Not us.

  89. Was having same problem with my Samsung S5. Paired it with my pc first then with my phone. Phone would Sync once and that was it! I tried to uninstall app and reinstall it. It would only work for one sync. What I did was reset my Vivofit to factory setting and unpaired my pc and phone. I did this by following a video on Youtube. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone…and then paired the viofit with my phone first then my pc. Now everything works just fine!

  90. Not only could I not get my Vivofit to sync with the Garmin Express App but when I deleted the app (as was suggested on Google) and wanted to reinstall it on my iPad, I could no longer find the app on the app store. This new version of your software is definitely a flop! Please advise me as to how I can fix the problem.

  91. Vivofit is no longer syncing. Even before I installed the update. Same phone and app that I have been using for months now. Please help this is very frustrating.

  92. For the Garmin Express App for the iPad you need to search iPhone apps. Go figure!
    Garmin Mage great hardware but seriously crap software.
    I cant sync my Vivofit very often and when I can it shows steps only but no other data. However if I log on via the iMac it’s all there on the Garmin Connect website.

  93. same thing my vivofit stop synching nov 10th. what is going on with November and synching please help. I turned off the airplane mode and reinstalled the garmin app and nothing – no synching. Please help.

  94. Syncing has stopped for days on end- not a good look pre-xmas guys!!!! NO-ONE wants to buy a crap product for their loved ones that stops working.
    Fix it soon…..

  95. I cannot get my garmin to synch or pair. It’s been days now, I have updated, reinstalled, done everything other than throw it in the trash. What the hell?

  96. The sync software for the Vivofit seems hopelessly poor. Mine has only worked sporadically in six months. Tech support not much use withj what is a bad design. Do not purchase this device if syncing is important to you at all. I have made my peace having the red inactivity bar, unavailable elsewhere. And the battery that lasts supposedly a year. Enough for me except I will have to sync the damn thing 2X a year to get the time to change

  97. Trying to sync my vivofit2 with my samsung grand prime. All goes well until I get to the “uploading software” message whereupon my sync fails. Any suggestions?

  98. Sync to my pc with a new vivofit seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes it works fine, other times takes a number of further attempts. May be sending back to mr amazon…..

  99. i have had my vivofit for 2 years now. I stopped using it because I had sync issues. I got the iPhone 5C recently and thought having a new phone would help the issue. Now I can’t connect my device at all to my phone. Any suggestions? I really want to use the device.

  100. I have been extremely happy with my vivofit. Everything works fine no syncing problems at all. My grandma just got the same one and I can’t get hers to pair with her Samsung phone or tablet. I also have a Samsung phone and mine works fine. My dad has the vivofit2 and also has a Samsung phone. I have tried everything to get hers paired. Please help!

  101. Got Garmin vivosmart HR last week and had no trouble syncing with my phone until now.
    I have tried turning Bluetooth off and on again, and i have tried rebooting both phone and watch. i have no other bluetooth devices connected.
    The watch will just not sync to the app. when i hit the sync button it comes up “synchronization failed” and won’t give me a reason or error code.
    I know the two devices are paired because my text and call notifications are being displayed on the watch.
    I have been very happy with the product until now, can’t seem to find any answers to this problem

  102. My vivofit2 has been acting up since 12/26. It won’t sync. I reset my watch, removed the app, and reinstalled it. Now it still won’t sync or pair with my fitness app now. I am about to toss it. I get pair 594 and stops. Help

  103. My Vivofit 2 stopped syncing since yesterday 10th Jan prior to that it was all good.

    Re-installed the app but it will not pair and tried on two different android mobile devices which previously both worked.

    When you select “Show Details” while pairing on your device, it will fail on the download with the following message:

    [ Downloaded 0 of 5 items. Unable to download file content for deviceid=xxxxxxxx. Received failure response from Server Exception: Received failure response from server: 403 at and etc…

    Heaps of different java errors.

    C’mon Garmin need to provide a response to all these customers.

  104. My vivofit 2 was cranky over December and I would have to hit sync several times for the steps to load in full. I would get the red “sync failed server error” bar across the bottom but some steps would load until two or three sync attempts later they would be accurate. On Jan 10 it synced up to about 4 or 5 pm and then no more so it didn’t record the rest of that day. Nothing on the 11th or 12th. I have turned on and off Bluetooth and rebooted my iPhone 6+ to no avail. I was going to reload the Garmin connect app but it says I will lose data. I have been using this device since July (mobile only – not on my computer) and it would be a major disappointment to no longer have the record of my progress. Help! Is this a Garmin problem and something that will get fixed on their end? Do I have no choice but to reload the app? Time to switch to a different company / device? Any advice or suggestions would be welcome!

  105. I was having the same problem with not being able to sync. After reading some of the comments, I checked my bluetooth and it was off. Once I turned it on it synced no problem. Hope this helps someone!

  106. I really dislike my Vivofit. There are too many issues with sync. I only use it because it was given to me for work. I also have a Fitbit and there are no problems with sync. Everything is automatic. So frustrated!

  107. Is the Vivofit 2 compatible with a Google Chrome OS based computer? I am not talking about the browser, but the operating system (OS)? Got one for a special friend only to find their phone isn’t Bluetooth 4.0 (required for Vivofit 2) compatible and they don’t use Microsoft Windows based computers (their notebook computers). The idea is to use the USB Bluetooth device in their notebook computer.


  108. Is the Vivofit 2 compatible with a Google Chrome OS based computer? I am not talking about the browser, but the operating system (OS)? Got one for a special friend only to find their phone isn’t Bluetooth 4.0 (required for Vivofit 2) compatible and they don’t use Microsoft Windows based computers (their notebook computers). The idea is to use the USB Bluetooth device in their notebook computer.


  109. when trying to sync IPad2 with Vivofit I do not see the Bluetooth bar at the top of page. Is there a conflict? I have it synced on PC

  110. My Vivofit2 has only synced once…really disappointing.
    Tells me the ANT stick is connected but doesn’t do anything!
    I have a MAC computer…any suggestions?

  111. Hi guys, I had difficulty syncing so I uninstalled then reinstalled connect, with no help. I could not then pair my device. I then turned my Bluetooth on and off a few times. It’s not a very technical answer, and no idea why it worked but it did. Hope this helps someone at least

  112. My vivofit has had nothing but PROBLEMS syncing and pairing to my galaxy s5 since the first of this year.I’m about to toss it. I buy an item, and you expect it to work. Please fix the software issues….or you will lose customers.

  113. I am going crazy. My Garmin worked for 2 days and has not since. I cannot get it to Sync with my Android BLU phone. It was syncing and now does not. Anyone have any idea of how to fix this? I am very disappointed in Garmin.

  114. I’m having the same problem. My Vivofit was syncing just fine, and now it won’t. It says it’s syncing, but nothing is happening on my Samsung Galaxy 6.

  115. Another one having syncing problems. Was delighted with vivosmart hr (have had it 5 days) but cannot get it to sync anymore despite trying all the solutions on various forums. If I can’t get it to sync today I’m returning it as it seems this is anything but a one-off problem and I’m not up for constantly having to mess around to get it to sync.

  116. My vivofit will connect sometimes. I hate that, but the worst is that it actually loses steps. Or sleep. But currently it won’t connect at all. VERY frustrating.

  117. My Vivofit 2 synced just fine till this afternoon. Now it just sits there and does nothing. Not true, actually. It says it’s connected, and then it starts to sync and then up pops that evil red bar that says the sync failed and to tap for more info. I would if I could but it vanishes before I can tap it. I am very disappointed. I love the device. I have an HTC one phone.

  118. I will be returning my vivo 2 to the store! I’m missing out on lots of steps for my work program. It was syncing just fine then stopped on 2/12. I reinstalled the app and now it won’t pair!

  119. Very frustrated that my vivofit wont sync to my phone anymore. I get all the way through the pairing part and it gets to the settings for device page and never completes. Very frustrated since I nevet had problems syncing and pairing my vivofit before. i have an LG G 3 phone. Please help someone.

  120. Hi, I bought a vivo fit, without realising it won’t connect to my Samsung galaxy S3 mini. Won’t connect to my ipad and now not my laptop! What am I doing wrong. Driving me mad.

  121. Same issues- got mine for Christmas – have had to re-download several times and now it still won’t sync…I’m returning this item. Bummer.

  122. I have an identical problem to Kim’s. LG G3. Been using my vivofit since last spring without issue. Suddenly, a couple of weeks ago it stopped connecting to my phone. It won’t sync. It won’t connect. I’ve reinstalled the app. I’ve turned Bluetooth off and on. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Nothing works. Maybe a coincidence, but this failure has coincided with the update to the app. My vivofit is useless to me like this. Please help.

  123. The instructions I read said to uninstall the app on my smart phone and reinstall it. Once I did that sync worked fine. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and vivofit 2.

  124. Vivofit not syncing to iPhone. Won’t sync to my laptop either. Second time this has happened. Had to reinstall last time. Ridiculous! I’m ready to give up on this Garmin Vivofit!

  125. My issue mimics Amanda and Kim’s. I have an LG G3 and cannot pair with the connect app anymore. It worked fine for over a year, and then I received an update to the connect app as well as my phone (android marshmallow). I tried multiple solutions. Occasionally it will act like it’s going to pair and then it ultimately disconnects before it finishes the pairing process. I tried to pair on my friend’s Note 4 with the new app and had absolutely no issue at all. I’m wondering if there’s some compatibility issues with the new android update, new connect app, or both.

  126. I’m having the same issues with my vivofit and LG g3. Very irritating. It’s useless if I can’t pair it to my phone or sync it to my fitness pal.

  127. I live in Europe so we had our “spring forward” yesterday (March 27). I charged it overnight (26-27) but failed to charge as the computer was sleeping. The time did not change on my Vivosmart, and I gave it another hour to charge, but still no time change. I went to the Connect app on my S5Mini and could not sync. I have unpaired, repaired, turned Bluetooth off and off again nearly 50 times (not an exaggeration). I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The Vivosmart syncs through the charge cord to the app. Did the Vivosmart Bluetooth antenna mysteriously die 6 weeks after I purchased the Vivosmart? Since I purchased it in the USA and won’t be back there for three months, am I basically sunk at this point? Can anyone help?

  128. Just an update to my above post. I got an email back from Garmin support. They said there is a known issue with the Android OS 6.0 and LG G3. Their developers are looking into it. They told me to keep using my garmin express (PC app) to sync until they can get a fix in. Just thought i’d let others know. Hopefully a fix is in soon!

  129. I have Ben problems syncing my vivofit on my galaxy 4. Haven’t synced in a few days but no problems until today. Appears to sync and then I get the red fail message

  130. My Vivofit stopped syncing to my Windows 10 PC, it used to work fine. Now the Vivofit makes a beep sound when the sync fails. What can I do?

  131. My vivofit wont sync at all and it has been one week. I hate this thing. $84 for crap. Of coarse I don’t have my receipt to return it. I have uninstalled app and then reinstalled and then removed the device and tried to re add the device in the app. But since it wont syce I can’t even add it back on there. I am never giving Garmin my money again. I used to really like them in the gps days. But when I had a fitbit it was so much better in every way.

  132. My vivofit2 has stopped syncing and I have lost all my data since xmas. Anyone know why this would have happened?

  133. My vibofit syncs automatically only 50% times, is there a way I can forcefully sync it ? Any options with Android app ?

  134. My vivofit2 isnt syncing with my samsung s7 since 17/5 now its the 22/5….ive deleted connect app reloaded turned off bluetooth back om again…please get this sorted its not worth wearing the watch if you can see your results.come om garmin

  135. Got this for Chrismast gift, always working fine and starting yesterday 05/20/2016, Im unable to pair my garmin vivofit HR. I followed a direction to uninstall the garmin connect from my iPhone 6 and install the apps again. It is working now, thank you

  136. I have been trying to pair my HP tablet with my vivofit all afternoon but only get as far as the personal details screen. I cannot go any further. I have uninstalled and reinstalled again the garmin express. I have turned my Motorola mobile phone to airplane mode in case it was interfering. I am using the ant stick. still stuck! please help

  137. I’ve had my vivofit for 16 months. It works perfectly, no problems at all. But this week it won’t sync with my phone, a Sony Xperia. Anyone got any suggestions?

  138. The answers were extremely helpful. I bought more batteries(which were extremely hard to find – check out Walgreen, Home Depot or Target). I had to go to settings and take it off Force Stop. Thank you!

  139. My Fitbit (working properly since October ’15) hasn’t synced with phone app since 9/8/16. Frustrating! Will try turning off bluetooth, but not optimistic. At least it claims to keep data for up to three weeks. Thanks everyone, for the suggestions.

  140. had a vivofit2 for a while now, up to now been working great. If i don’t sync everyday, i loose data for most of the days i haven’t synced. Claims to keep data for 3 weeks, but looses data in 3 days..

  141. My daughter has had the vivofit 3 since august, however it hasn’t synced since 9-1-16. This is really disappointing for her, she’s a soccer player and wants to keep track of her running/stats/etc.. I’ve tried everything from every FAQ, blog,website and nothing will work. Today the time changed (daylight savings) and we can’t get it synced to get the clock right on it now. I’m very disappointed as i’ve sent 3 emails to Garmin with no reply. I’ve now asked for a refund as I will be purchasing a different brands device for her. Even if it means she has to charge it at night, at least I know she will not have a problem with syncing and tracking her data.

  142. I used my vivofit for 9 months without any issues pairing with my galaxy s3. I have upgraded to the galaxy s7 and it will not pair with my new phone. I removed the device from the s3 and the website but it will still not sync with the s7. when attempting to pair it on my computer with the ANT stick It recognizes the device but says it cannot pair the device because the servers are down. ugh….I have been trying to pair with my new phone for months and same results every time. Any ideas?

  143. I have been unable to sync my garmin vivofit for the last four days. Is there a server problem? I have had this problem before and it has resolved itself. Thank You

  144. So frustrated I have turned bluetooth on and off and Uninstalled and reinstall the app and still cannot get my vivofit to connect to my Samsung note 5 or the app! Beyond frustrated after 45min

  145. I have been successfully syncing my vivofot 2 with my new samsung galaxy s7, however today it will only sync my activity data but not my steps. Is anyone else having this issue?

  146. My VivoSmartHR stopped connecting to my Computer. My USB cable is working fine, as it is charging my Garmin equipment. But, unable to connect my device to my Computer. Please advise.

  147. Having issues syncing garmin vivofit to android. This has happened since December 26th. I have reinstalled application, turned blue tooth on and off and checked all settings. I am so frustrated. Garmin pls fix this. From the number of entries similar to mine this has been an issue since 2015. Was looking at running watches but probably won’t buy Garmin. Arghhh so frustrated. Please help!

  148. My Vivofit won’t send me notifications from my phone….I have the Bluetooth on and it’s still not working….the devices were paired at setup.

  149. my vivofit has synced normally everyday since March 2016 till just before Christmas 2016. Says vivofit connected, then waits for up to one minute then displays a red ERROR message. Someone please tell me how to fix it or whats going on with it. Been with Garmin Chat, facebook – NO HELP! Yes, it is up to date, tracks steps – just CAN NOT SYNC WITH EXPRESS! Reading posts on here – It is NOT ME, MY VIVO, MY Computer! PLEASE, tell me how to fix this!!!

  150. I received the vivofit garmin for Christmas and had some luck with syncing but most of the time is works on my wrist but,no luck on my computer. I have tried to get help from garmin and the keep saying on the site that they are sorry but can’t help me??? why sell a product that you don’t have support for your customers?? I really wanted this to work for my health but, it has just been very stressfull!! Please send us some answers!!

  151. I do not think Garmin reads these comments and even if they do, they simply do not care. My Vivofit 2 has had intermittent syncing issues since fall 2015. they are happening more frequently this Monday 2-6-17 being the most recent I got an error message and aprox. 7k steps from my total of 13k plus for the day did not sync. I know it’s not the device, it’s Garmin’s software. The customer support is useless. All I get from them is sorry we can’t help you. I bought this device to keep track of fitness goals, not sync music or get phone notifications. I need my fitness tracker to do just that…accurately and reliably track my fitness. Garmin falls spectacularly short in this regard.

  152. My vivosmart Hr has not synced my sleep since 12/10/16. The connect app has also stopped storing my information from days past. It tells me that no data is available for anything except the day currently on despite saying it has synced. The app is being used on a Galaxy S7 Edge.
    Any help would be great!

  153. I have a problem almost every day. It seems to take for ever to sync my Garmin Vivofit.

    Having spoken to other users it seems a common problem. I think the computers at Garmin need upgrading or more capacity.

  154. I have a vivofit 3. I had problems with it and it was replaced under warranty by the retailer. I have not been able to get it to sync with my phone for several months and previously the process was convoluted and slow. It seems that this is an insoluble problem for a device that is not well supported and I am now sorry for the purchase I made. this is a shame because initially even though it needed the internet. it worked so well. Next choice will be to bluetooth to my computer, with no cloud or internet.

  155. 2017 and yep, vivosmart hr synced once but never again, ive followed all advice on the net.. bitterly dissapointed in this purchase,, ill use it as a wristwatch until it inevitably dies

  156. Vivofit 2 has not been syncing for about 3 days. Something seems to be wrong with the Garmin Express interface. anyone else?

  157. Congratulations vivo… I got it as a gift the vivo fit 3 but honestly only problems. Why do you bring a product to market that doesn’t work for Christ sake. Seriously disappointed. It will sync occassionally but not often so you waste your precious time to sync over and over again. As a fitness trainer and motivation and first point of contact I will definitely not recommend this. People developing this and obviously iam not theonly one having issues should be behind bars.

  158. Vivofit 4 with sync and pairing issues. I have spend many hours trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Already tried emails with Garmin support … they tell me to call the 800 number which I already had tried and gave up after holding for about 2 hours without getting answered. These problems seem to have been around for about 2 1/2 years now! Very frustrated …gave up on fitbit with high hopes of buying a quality product but I guess
    I was wrong!!!!

  159. Second time my Garmin vivofit4 has not synced with my samsung phone. I have only had this device 1 month- it was a gift. Not happy!

  160. Hi I have a vivofit 3 and everything has worked perfectly, but since the 24th July the sync does not complete. It starts and stops about one third of the circle.
    My phone is a Nokia 8 running android version 8.1.0.

    Please advise.

  161. my vivofit 3 worked with my Galaxy 7 for about a week and now won’t sync up. Have turned bluetooth off and on several times, and re-paired the device. Is this going to be resolved? Do I need to return my device? was very happy with it till a couple days ago…

  162. How do I return my vivofit 4 bundle that I received as a Christmas present? After the initial sync nothing would sync again. I have tried to reset – nothing. I have done everything that the help menu told me to do – nothing has changed except that it wants me to re-add the device and then it won’t sync to re-add. I’m over this and would like a refund please.

  163. All working fine with my vivofit3 until I returned from Christmas break on the 2nd Jan then it would no longer sync with Garmin express.

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