The Integration of Garmin Vivofit With MyFitnessPal

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             The Integration of Garmin Vivofit With MyFitnessPal

The new integration of Vivofit with MyFitnessPal has made it easier for the users of this fitness band to quickly upload information from the vivofit device to their MyFitnessPal account. You can now easily connect your device to the computer and sync all your personal record and date to the website which helps you access your information easily and store them in your account so that you can keep a steady check on your progress.

This allows you to earn virtual badges on Garmin Connect which allows you to check your progress on daily, weekly and even monthly basis particularly after making an account on and linking it to Garmin Connect. It is a great website and this new integration has made life easier for many people out there. It definitely helps you to set new goals for yourself, and it also makes you achieve it leading you to become more of a goal oriented person. This is without mentioning the great weight loss benefits that people will achieve through this Garmin Vivofit-MyfitnessPal integration. also helps you to count the calories you have consumed as compared to the calories that you have burnt, which the vivofit records throughout the day. Also at Garmin Connect you can join many different online challenges with other vivofit users or even start your own competition with friends to compete for the virtual badges and all the bragging rights.

This is how it works

After you set up a Garmin and a MyFitnessPal account, integrate them both by connecting – from the Garmin connect website – your Vivofit account to your MyfitnessPal account, that way the achievements with your Vivofit can be seems and tracked on MyfitnesPal. Once you have integrated both accounts, simply start your normal workout routine wearing on the vivofit device, next using either your iPhone or your computer, sync the device to Garmin Connect through the Garmin Express application to upload your data, and finally share or send then to your MyFitnesPal account. You are done.It is that simple!

So sync your Garmin Vivofit to and enjoy all the facilities and other essential benefits that come with it, leading towards a healthy lifestyle.


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  1. I can’t seem to sync my fitness pal with my vivofit on my android phone. Has that not been set up as yet????

  2. I cannot seem to get my fitness pal and garmin connect to communicate with one another. I am using an iPhone 6. Any help would be awesome.

  3. The last line of the article says “So sync your Garmin Vivofit to”, but the actual LINK is to a page explaining how to sync your vivofit to Garmin Connect. THAT part is already done. What I WANT is how to connect to MyFitnessPal.

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