How to sync Vivofit?

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How to sync Vivofit?

The process to sync Vivofit with Garmin Express application is very simple.  Here are the step you need to follow in order to sync your Vivofit device and start sending data to Garmin Connect .

   Syncing Process

1- Install the Garmin Express application on your computer.

2- Insert the usb stick into your computers usb port.

3- Click to open the Garmin Express application on your computer and then click on Garmin Connect with Ant.

4- While the Garmin Express application is opening, press and hold the  sync button on your device( It is the only button that Vivofit has) until the words sync shows on the screen of the device.

5- Remember to keep the device within 10 feet away from the computer when syncing for first time. After that, you don’t really need to keep the device that far while syncing. Also, it is very important to mention that for future syncing you won’t need to open the Garmin Express application every time you would need to sync. You simply will have to press and hold the sync button and the sync process will start automatically.

6- As a final step, once the sync process has started, Garmin Express application will indicate the status of the syncing process for you to see either if it is uploading the information or if the information was already uploaded.

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  1. I, too, am having the syncing error. I sent an email on Sunday to Garmin looking for help and it still has not been answered. I tried to call today, but the automated machine said it would be a 50 minute wait. I’m also having a problem syncing my food and such from My Fitness Pal over into the Garmin app. This is very frustrating.

  2. I have not been able to sync my vivofit properly since december 14th. i emailed garmin and they said they were working on the app and that it should work now. my vivofit says it is syncing but none of the data is actually uploaded. i am now regretting choosing this fitness bracelet instead of the galaxy sport bracelet. i have the galaxy s4 and my vivofit is up to date. waste of money!

  3. Reading through the comments, I seem to be having a similar syncing problem. I keep getting a server error message on the app (on an Iphone 4s running latest ios, in fact I just updated ios this morning to see if that would help). But I’m also having a problem with the inactivity bar not reseting. Both these problems seem to have started together. I’ve only had the vivofit for three days!! Starting to think I should have gone with a different brand. Help Garmin!!

  4. I too am having synching issues and I am getting so frustated. I have only been able to sync once since I received my vivifit. I regrettably am going to have to return this!

  5. I am very dissapointed with my vivofit. Not syncing and it’s only 8 days since I’ve purchased it. It only worked for the first 3 days, but haven’t been able to sinc since! HAve tried reinstalling garmin express to no avail, will return it if issue is not resolved!

  6. I cannot sync my Garmin Vivofit fitness band with my iPhone 5S. Have the latest Garmin Connect App installed on my phone. The error message is failed. Got this as a Christmas gift and cannot use. I am ready to get another brand that works!

  7. I can not get my vivofit to sync (this has been a common event off and on since I got it for Christmas). Is this an issue that’s being fixed or something I should expect. i love the devise BUT I’m getting very frustrated.

  8. My vivofit isn’t syncing, it is very weird as my app says the sync was completed but no information is transferring from my band to my app. I have repaired the bluetooth, reinstalled the app and logged in and out and it still wont work. the bluetooth is working as it is picking up notifications from facebook ect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  9. Same problem as Lauren above. My Vivovit says it syncs, but no new data appears on the app. Please advise?

  10. I am having the same problem. Just got it yesterday; synced to my computer fine; now today, it won’t sync to it. Any ideas?

  11. I have to restart my computer for the vivofit to sync. This is totally frustrating and not an upgrade at all from my little fitbit that fell apart. I wish I would have spent the extra $40.00 to get another fitbit. The syncing so frustrating! Now I’ll end up spending another $100 to go back to fitbit…….boooooooo garmin!

  12. This has to be the most frustrating piece of equipment I have ever bought!!! Yesterday sync worked first time today I have been trying now for 20 minutes and the same old error message comes up……surely there is an easy fix for this Garmin, come on extract a digit and get us all working again……your reputation is going through the floor!

  13. I am having to same problem. The Vivofit synced for the first month now it will not sync.
    As every one appears to be having a similar problem Garmin is obliged to remedy the problem. Or as I see it the product does not adhere to the description on which it has been sold, and therefore is returnable for a full refund.

  14. i also regret not going with fitbit. sync has been frustrating for months. this is not a good product. Too late to return, go to amazon and write bad reviews. I really wanted this to work, but without logging your results, whats the point of having a fitness TRACKER. I am in the computer business and I know how to write apps like this. this is completely unacceptable

  15. My Vivofit is not synching either. My step count is supposed to synch into My Fitness Pal. My wife has a Fitbit and never has these problems.

  16. Thank you. Now I know the problem is not me. I returned and replaced the first vivofit I purchased, thinking it was defective. Now having same problem with the replacement, unable to sync with pc although all steps followed. Back it goes. No more Garmin Fitbits for me!

  17. Thank you. Now I know the problem is not me. I returned and replaced the first vivofit I purchased, thinking it was defective. Now having same problem with the replacement, unable to sync with pc although all steps followed. Back it goes. No more Garmin Vivofits for me!

  18. Since the Garmin Connect upgrade a couple of weeks ago, my Vivofit will not properly sync. I continue to get an error message that says “some of your data could not be loaded. Pull to refresh” What a piece of CRAP app upgrade. Now, this Vivofit is absolutely worthless. What is wrong with you Garmin?

  19. Same sinking issue. No data being uploaded even though device says syncing. Incredibly aggravating, only worked for 2 days. Tracking device is useless without being able to track.

  20. What is the answer? I’m ready to return mine which I just received as a Christmas gift. It says it’s syncing, but no data shows up. Then I will be asked to sign in again as there was a “problem”. I’m so ready to return this to the store.

  21. Xmas gift, synced ok until lunchtime on 30th, now connect say the syncing is up to date but no data transfer/update…this combined with how frustratingly inconsistent and fiddly the button is to operate is making me want to throw this garmin back at them HELP!

  22. Received mine for christmas gift. It counts steps and tells the time, and beeps when I sync but there is no data showing up. I really want to like this… and Garmin site not easy to find help on. Yes, Ive held and pressed the button.

  23. Sarah, sorry to tell you this but if the device beeps when it is trying to sync it means that there was an error and there was no data synced.
    You may need to try again. Also, mine works perfectly well (vivofit2). My only wish was that it would work with iPad 2 but the Bluetooth hardware on my iPad 2 isn’t new enough.

  24. I have also the same problem like everybody. I cannot sync or pair. My device was found but it always giving me error like unable to add device due to server unavailable. I kept/keep on trying but same message. please help.

  25. since my purchase of my vivofit2 I have lost the sleep mode and Sync mode on mt vivifit I have been unable to complete the registeration on Garmin Express and i heve never been able to sync my vivofit2 since my purchase and the sync and sleep mode has diisappeared from my vivifit2. Its a crap device the only way to sort the problem is to return for a full refund. Ther is no solution to be found on Garmin

  26. I got the vivosmart and my husband got the Fitbit. Overall Fitbit has been a much better product and even their customer service is better! Will never get a Garmin again

  27. Hello All! Is the ANT stick required in order to pair the device?

    I have a tablet with a USB port that is not big enough to handle the ANT stick.

  28. My Vivofit stopped syncing a few days ago. Before it stopped I got a note that the battery was low and I found I could only sync when the Vivofit was very close to the ANTstick. Now I cannot unscrew the screws to put in new batteries. A friend who is very strong could not do it either.

  29. I am trying to sync my vivofit to the app after there was a major update to the app, and I cannot sync? Any help would be appreciated

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