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Introducing Vivofit Fitness Band


Get the easy, smart, and enjoyable method to get active.


 Know about the Fitness Tracker

Vivofit Fitness Band is a smart fitness equipment that helps you to track your daily progress while working out.

The fitness band allows one to remain healthy and fit by tracking the activity level. This is an ideal way to measure your activities starting from the workout session in morning to the night parties. The fitness tracker is exclusively designed to calculate all the movements in your body and can be worn by anyone irrespective of their age and weight. It makes your life a lot more active.

 Why Vivofit?

Vivofit fitness band is made by Garmin, a renowned name when it comes to making high quality products. The band tracks every movement every step of your routine life. This exclusive fitness band has a number of amazing features such as step watch, one year warranty, sleep monitoring, time, wireless sync, calories, move bar, heart rate and water resistant that makes it unique, easy to use and simply the best among the competition.

  Vivofit – Benefits

The benefits of this fitness tracker are unlimited and that has made this band more special among fitness lovers. Have a look on the following factors to understand it better.

  • Get Detailed Data of your Progress

With Vivofit, you can get complete data about your fitness progress at one place. It keeps the record of the entire data related with your fitness and body movements.

  • Stay Connected

Vivofit helps you to be connected with your fitness progress round the year. You are not required to change the batteries for one year. It takes care of you every single second of the day for 365 days.

  • Water Resistant

Do not worry about going for the swimming with the band on since Vivofit is 100 percent water resistant.

  • Keeps you Active

It is very important to keep your body active and moving in order to avoid fat and weight gain. When your body movement is not up the desired levels, Vívofit reminds you about the same. It starts displaying a red move bar if you are inactive for more than one hour. This move bar is set again when you walk for some time.

This is not the limit. Vívofit fitness tracker allows you to keep an eye on your movements via your smart phones. You can also set the band to sleep mode while sleeping and it will watch your rest as well.

Order TODAY to AVAIL the benefits of this exclusive fitness tracker.

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